Performance | Durational (20 hours) | Participatory

Highways Performance Space, 2016; Fusebox Festival 2017


Has the solo abject body’s potency been drained by the digital availability of live and cheap myriad perversities? Or is Trigger Warning embodying the purgatorial physical numbness that scarcely suspends our post- US election uncertainty?  -Doran George, Riting


You have permission.

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND VARIOUS ATTEMPTS is a solo reading of Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE set inside an amateur sex cam chat room. The performance will occur simultaneously in mediated and physical space to both a live and hidden audience in an attempt to agitate the distance between. TRIGGER WARNINGS utilizes live-streaming video, object manipulation, text, pay-for-play and the body to explore sex work, cyber ethics and pack mentality.

TRIGGER WARNINGS is to problematize the autonomy of the individual artist in a culture of social media and profitability.