Blood Typist

Performance, 2017

Viral Illuminations 001 at Navel LA


Untitled Cruising

Research | Livestreamed performance, 2017


Interactive digital performance. Traversing the gap between digital queer spaces and physical locations around Birmingham, UK, Untitled Cruising explores the politics of online anonymity and transactional body in both the physical and virtual world, blurring the lines between the realms of online sex forums and former cruising sites.



Perversion Therapy: Eames Armstrong + John Moletress

Mixed media | Performance, 2017

Cultural Development Corporation at Flashpoint DC

Opening a week before the presidential inauguration, the exhibition Perversion Therapy points to the anti-LGBTQ history of the president elect and members of his chosen cabinet through a celebration of queer bliss and domestic deviance.



trigger warnings and various attempts

Performance | Durational | Participatory, 2017

Fusebox Festival (TX), Highways Performance Space (CA)

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND VARIOUS ATTEMPTS is a solo reading of Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE set inside an amateur sex cam chat room. The performance will occur simultaneously in mediated and physical space to both a live and hidden audience in an attempt to agitate the distance between. TRIGGER WARNINGS utilizes live-streaming video, object manipulation, text, pay-for-play and the body to explore sex work, cyber ethics and pack mentality. TRIGGER WARNINGS is to problematize the autonomy of the individual artist in a culture of social media and profitability.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 11.38.37 AM


HOME (w/ Eames Armstrong)

Durational performance | Collaboration | Mixed media | Sound, 2016


HOME is a live art installation that unravels the question of “what is home?” created by artist-collaborators John Moletress and Eames Armstrong. Images of home constructed from child’s toys, clothing and musical instruments are rendered unstable, destroyed and reconstructed in unfamiliar forms by the performers.



Performance | Mixed media | Video, 2016

OUTsider Festival (TX)

On a wooden stage, flanked by symbols of sporting events, I perform 462 falls over the course of 4 hours, tracked by digital signage. The body becomes a physical register for epic loss. The performance will be videotaped. Following, a monitor will be placed on stage, playing the performance on a loop throughout the weekend.



Video | Installation | Collaboration with Benjamin Carver, 2014-16

Abrons Art Center | The House at Plymouth University | Homotopia | OUTsider Festival | The Gulbenkian | EMP Collective | FUNDarte | Queer NY International | George Washington University | King’s College London | Dance Place | unity theatre | Atlas Performing Arts Center

A performative gesture inspired by iconic queer artist, filmmaker and gardener Derek Jarman. Temporal orientations arise and fall away as one artist traces the origins of Jarman’s brilliant queerness. Performed by force/collision’s Founding Director John Moletress with a text by OBIE Lifetime Achievement Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich, JARMAN explores spatial relationships between live performance and media.



Performance | Mixed media, 2015

Dance Exchange Artist-in-residence (DC)



Performance | Mixed media | Collaboration with Ilana Faye Silverstein & David Carlson


Source Theatre Festival