Collaboration with Eames Armstrong

Durational performance | Collaboration | Mixed media | Sound


INTERSECTIONS Festival | Atlas Performing Arts Center (Washington, DC)

DESCRIPTION: HOME is a live art installation that unravels the question of “what is home?” created by artist-collaborators John Moletress and Eames Armstrong. Images of home constructed from child’s toys, clothing and musical instruments are rendered unstable, destroyed and reconstructed in unfamiliar forms by the performers. This 5 hour durational performance will take place in the front window of Atlas Performing Arts Center on Saturday, March 5, 4:00-9:00p. This event is presented as part of INTERSECTIONS FESTIVAL 2016.

A note from the artists: The act of defining home is an exclusionary process simultaneously designating that which is not home. This live art installation intends to trouble the possibility that home can ever be fixed or static but is rather a process that runs alongside our endless navigation of living.