Performance | Mixed media | Video


OUTsider Festival (Austin, TX)

DESCRIPTION: America’s obsession with gun culture is transmitted through queer territories in media and live performance. “Sexy” gun culture occupies the grounds of The Vortex in Austin, Texas, while adjacent on a dirt filled wooden stage, I perform a score of 462 falls, one for each of the victims of US mass shootings in 2015.

Ten digitally sequenced monitors encased in a hot pink neon handgun display a frenzied barrage of ALL THINGS GUNS. From bikini-clad shooters to NRA commercials, nude men flexing to YouTubers and vintage video games, media acts as a weapon itself, assaulting the viewer with a relentless audiovisual score as impossible to navigate as US gun legislation.

On a wooden stage, flanked by symbols of sporting events, I perform 462 falls over the course of 4 hours, tracked by digital signage. The body becomes a physical register for epic loss. The performance will be videotaped. Following, a monitor will be placed on stage, playing the performance on a loop throughout the weekend.