Friday, January 6 9p-2a at The Situation Room, 2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles, CA 900041

Audience participation performance by Head Clinicians Sheree Rose and Rhiannon Aarons. Assisted by Simone Gad, Alice Andreni, Kayla Tange, John Moletress, and other special guests.

Ashamed of your normative heterosexuality?
Are you ostrasized by your social groups of choice for being “too vanilla?”
Lamenting your lack of recreationally aquired scars?
Is your inner freak simply yearning to run free?

Fear not, the skilled clinicians at the St. Bob Memorial Sick Clinic are here to help! Expand your personal boundaries and overcome taboos with our compassionate team of Psychosexual Experts.

Our services are sliding scale, and all funds collected will be used to cover the cost of the clinic. Any profits will be used to publish The Book of Medicine. Participant intake form and non-confidentiality agreement must be signed in order to participate, although you may wear a mask for the duration of your appointment.