Who needs a vacation? Probably me. I’ll take it when I’m dead. Or, I’ll die because I didn’t take it. One of those two things. ‘Tis the season to go at it with gloves blazing (#guncontrol). Here are some things I’m getting into in the coming months…


November 12-14     Fall Dance Works at George Washington University

Maida Withers and myself serve as Concert Directors for 9 new choreographic works from undergraduate dance students and guest artists Annika Lewis and Marin Leggat.


November 19-December 1     IAD -> LHR -> PLH -> CHAUCER… JARMAN (All This Maddening Beauty)

November 19-21 I’ll be spending in London before heading off to do JARMAN at The House at Plymouth University on November 25, followed by another performance at The Gulbenkian at University of Kent in Canterbury.


December 4-5   Choreographer’s Concert at George Washington University

Serving as Concert Director for 4 new undergraduate dance major works at GWU


December 7-January 2   DCA -> AUS

Spending the month in one of my favorite subversive towns, Austin. I’ll be working on developing/building a new performance installation called [home[.


January 28-31     Sanctuary     Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.

I’ll be collaborating with Caridad Svich on a new performance work, Sanctuary.


February 17-22  OUTsider Festival… Durational performance installation – [home[


April 24   Clit Notes   Rainbow Theatre Project at Bier Baron Tavern

I’ll be performing Holly Hughes seminal (the second Merriam-Webster defintion) text Clit Notes. 


Additionally, I’m beyond thrilled to be getting into the studio with Matthew Cumbie and Erica Rebollar to develop a new dance work… These two sexy geniuses are about to give me life! Stay tuned for more info… however, I’ll leave you with a hint: What was your favorite 90s hang out place?

One last thing… keep an eye out for the upcoming publication of Wendell. (my little play riff on Woyzeck) from NoPassport Press and Jarman (All This Maddening Beauty) and Other Plays coming from Intellect Books.