My latest project with force/collision, Trust me,  will approach the idea of consumerism, with an emphasis on American consumerist trends by employing both texts by Falk Richter as well as found source material such as essays, US wedding cost statistics, pop-cultural references to Don MacLean, Billy Joel and Beyonce and potent references to American paranoia.

The rhythm and tone of the project is not unlike channel-surfing, short and fast-paced clips of scenarios and sequences interspersed with longer monologues. The people that exist in this world meet in a place that signifies they are on their way to somewhere else (airport terminal, train station, etc.) but there is an obstacle that is preventing them from moving forward, however this is not literal. They know each other by the presence of their being there but are not related or connected by a personal history.

Throughout the evening, they play out a psychodrama, giving and pulling others into their own therapy session. They role play scenarios and enact their own psychologies as a way of exorcizing their own cultural identities, begging the question of whether they can truly be autonomous individuals.  

Our work-in-progress will get showings from Jun 13-16, 2013 at one of the country’s leading regional theatres.  On the hush until they send out an official release on Monday.  I have created a performance process blog, where you can read interviews, articles and other dramaturgical material, as well as view rehearsal videos and photos.